LGL (AKA Large Green Lizard)

LGL does not appear to have learned his lesson from his previous encounter with the Small Dogs in the ‘puppy’ enclosure. I have recently seen him wandering casually along the line of the boundary fence in full view.

In reality, he should be renamed SLLGL (Slightly Less Large Green Lizard) since now he has no tail, probably victim of the previous event.
The day began with dark, cloudy skies which have developed into white, cloudy skies. There is a cool southwesterly wind which is not at all unpleasant. Due to the fact that it is Sunday, lots of people are noisily enjoying the beach. It is currently 29.7C with a high, so far, of 37.2C.
On my way to the supermarket this morning, I noticed that Dennis’ friends have set up camp on the ground next to the camping. There is their van and a tent close by. Dennis was sitting in a chair enjoying the sun as I rode by.
Yesterday, Janne and Erica spent quite a lot of time moving and stacking the pallets, so carefully arranged along the storeroom wall opposite their caravan. When I commented to Manos that E&J would be unimpressed at having a couple of hundred pallets stacked opposite their van, he replied that Mrs P had said there was no time to move them. Funny really since he had to put them into the pickup to get them there, so he might just as well have driven them to the top of the camping, where they are out of everyone’s way. Still, it’s all clean and tidy opposite their caravan now so they are able to put a table and chairs under the shelter of the carob tree and have an uninterrupted view of the external wall of the storeroom.
Yesterday afternoon, I joined Manos in T3 to fix the bedroom light. He had been on at me to help him with it for several weeks however I had been putting it off. It’s fixed now, fortunately, as Erica’s Swedish Book Circle friends arrived for a one week stay. They were at E&J’s caravan for breakfast this morning so there was much Swedish chatter from over the fence.
Previously, Janne presented me with a short length of hose with a spray attachment. This attaches to the tap doubler he gave me last night as my initiation to the Tap Club. I am now able to douse the Small Dog Enclosure with water to the benefit of all.