Peppermint tea

The English couple, initially with daughter, who were here a couple of weeks ago, left me a box of 50 peppermint tea bags. I rarely refuse offers from people who are leaving as I simply pass on anything I don’t actually want for myself. I thought I’d try the peppermint tea and I am able to report that it is quite nice. Thankfully now, due to membership of the tap owners club, it is far easier for me to fill the kettle as I simply lean over the edge of the decking to fill the kettle via the spout.

I have been shopping in China and have bought a number of items including a plastic box for the exit button of my entry system, some garden hose adaptors and other equally exciting things. One of the good things of buying from China is that everything is delivered via the mail, the price usually included in the item price. China Post is not the quickest so I’ve usually forgotten what I have ordered when it eventually arrives so I have the added excitement of guessing what item is in the packet.
There is no rhyme nor reason as to whether an item is delivered by the Greek Post or not. I have travelled all the way to the postoffice to collect a packet so small it fitted into my shirt pocket so as not to be lost. Yet, on other occasions, I have received quite sizeable items that the guy has had to balance on the back of his little scooter. I think it just comes down to whether they can be bothered to bring it and who is on duty. I get Manos to pick packets up from the postoffice in his way to work in the morning. He takes my driving license and they happily hand over the items. Maria is quite capable of leaving something in the office for several days before remembering to bring it to me or give it to someone else to bring to me. Last week, to prove that she had attended charm school, she appeared, waving the item at me over the fence, her mobile stuffed between her ear and her shoulder, as she chattered away to some one. On seeing me emerge from the van, she gesticulated more violently before interrupting her [vitally important] conversation to say “take it quickly, I’m in a hurry”. Perhaps I will construct a little delivery box in the fence to avoid the inconvenience of her having to wait those few seconds… Fortunately, Maria is the ‘face of Grammeno’ since she is the first and last contact customers have when they arrive or leave the camping. Your Honour, I rest my case.
Erica has had some of her reading group ladies to visit their domain, including a trip to their roof terrace garden above their bathroom. The puppies were initially startled since the ‘garden’ or patio overlooks one part of their run. I could then hear some of the ladies making the Swedish equivalent of “aren’t they cute” noises. The puppies barked a little but were quickly bored, preferring to continue fooling around with each other.
It seems as though the flies have come back with a vengeance following a weekend of seemingly relatively few of them. I found my fly swat, which I had been looking for, so had a bit of a massacre of those who dared alight upon my person.
Today’s high was a mere 32.1C and it got positively chilly this morning with a cool 22.9C! I met Salt Man II who was carrying a large bag of salt towards his waiting scooter. Some of the Small Dogs were still on their leads since I don’t let them all go until I’ve got the lay of the land. I usually let most of the puppies, except for Millie, off but retain, Luis, Fido and Obi since they have been known to lead a full-scale charge towards some unsuspecting visitor who may have spent the night camped on the beach. Those four will bark, but not actively seek out someone to bark at. Indeed, Heidi and Oskar often remain behind if the others charge off on some abortive, or otherwise, stampede towards an unknown noise. They barked a bit at SM II, who I offered a perfunctory Καλιμαιρα to as he staggered by. SM was still working on the rocks but I know not to let them go within sight of him or there will be a barking frenzy of the greatest magnitude.
Last night, there was a delivery of a roll of green shade netting 4m x 50m (lots of it). Looking at it with Manos, we decided it was poor quality and not very opaque, so it is to be rejected for a similar kind to the one purchased from Polychronis. For once Polychronis actually delivered a quality product. It took a long time but it was worth the wait.
Birgit, in Germany, sent me a video of Malloy (AKA Benny) playing with the other dog at his new family. It was a big file, with video of doubtful quality showing an event with little action, so I won’t rush to post it on the Puppies album. It was a nice thought anyway…
Janne is still hard at work with his latest project as I can hear various small tools whirring away. He’s probably just using the tools in order to drown out the sound of gossiping women. I don’t know the nature of this latest project as I though it would be nice to have a surprise once it’s finished.
I shall have to avert my eyes as I manoeuvre the dogs through the gap in the fence of the ‘private entrance’ near to their caravan. The PE has been unavailable until the last couple of weeks due to sheep in the field and a continuous fence all around from the CBV (Cedar Bay Villas) to the beach access road. Now the sheep are gone and the fence open near to the stony beach kantina. Good for me as I don’t have to go through the camping to the sandy beach or out via the front entrance. Double bonus! It also doesn’t matter if there is a little indiscriminate pooing there either since it’s waste ground.
Large, twin rotor helicopter is following the south coast east – west, having already been west – east. No dog barked!