My awning and accessories have been dispatched

I received and email from Maria at Zampetas today, informing me that my awning and accessories have been despatched from the mainland. I enquired as to when they might arrive in Crete and was told Monday or Thursday. I think she means Monday or Tuesday, but what’s a couple of days?

These items are so large that even Maria will be unable to forget they are there, so it’s likely she will probably let me know of their arrival within a week or so. Golly, it’s all so exciting!
Another warm and breezy day with a high of 34.2C. It was nice to have the breeze.
Ursula tells me that she got Tony to the hospital by 07:00, however by 09:00 he was still waiting surgery. She finally left the horsepiddle to do some shopping and other errands, but has gone back now to pick him up once he is stable and able to travel. Apparently he had serious damage to his shoulder which required extensive repair, so the recovery period could be quite tedious for all concerned. Ursula is hopeful that Tony will be fit enough for them to return to Crete in the Autumn and the possibility of the trip may encourage Tony to a speedy recovery. The next few days will be quite difficult I should imagine.
Erica went with one of her book circle friends to Krios Beach to do some sun worshipping earlier. She told me, when we met up in the supermarket this morning, that Janne arrived safely back in Sweden without any delays. Whilst the cat is away…
No dead rats found this morning although there are still signs of rodent activity: the ‘chocolate’ poison blocks bear signs of nibbling. Hopefully we are starting to get to grips with the rodent problem without annihilating every other living creature into the bargain. That said, I’ve not seen Georgia’s cat about recently – I’ve not yet forgiven her for killing the blackbird chick just as it was fledging. It will be nice not to be disturbed by the dogs in the night as they bark at the rats in the trees above their heads. Millie now hot-beds with Luis as she had taken to barking when tied up in the storeroom with Dave. She is completely silent once she is in Luis’ cage. Luis sleeps in the van with the other Brown Dogs, so his accommodation is available at night. Dave doesn’t seem to care that his little house mate has gone. He still sees her briefly as I tie her up in the storeroom when I take Dave and Boris out and leave her with Dave when I go to the supermarket. Dave lives in a parallel universe preferring the relative cool of the storeroom over the compound.
The people with Alsatian, who were here a couple of summers ago, have come back for a holiday. They have taken the same place under the trees opposite me. I didn’t recognise the people, just their dog. Now what does that say about me?
The puppies now have a swimming pool, consisting of my large plastic washing bowl filled to the brim with water. I noticed that their drinking water was being polluted by sand and soil even on days when it was relatively calm. I discovered that Minnie liked to use the drinking water as a pédiluve (foot wash) so hence the separate, large bowl for ablutions.