Pulling up the drawbridge

Mr Polychronis delivered a nice roll of green sun shading material 2m x 50m which I used to finish off the end of the compound where the puppies are. The fence is 1.8m high (6′) however the first lot of netting was only 1.6m leaving a little gap at the top. The new netting is much taller than the fence and only needs to be used double to obscure the view. Anyway, now there is 2m netting all the way around the compound including the gate, so the dogs cannot see out and nosy punters cannot see in. As well as obscuring the view, the netting cuts down the noise escaping from the compound as well as reduce the racket from the road and passing traffic. It also means that the only way you can see in is to approach the fence and peer over the netting. From afar you simply see a green wall.

Other than that, it’s been quite hot today with a high of 37.6C around 16:00. I’ve had three or possibly four showers, the first and the last for the purpose of getting clean, the other(s) for getting cool.
I may have mentioned that there was a cache of various bottles of wine left over from some event several years ago. Stashed away and then forgotten about. These included a couple of bottles of ouzo and some other mystery bottles of wine. I am currently drinking an interesting white wine which was dated 2004. Very pleasant and smooth.
Manos has split up with his partner Olivia after around two years of being together. I understand from Manos that it was a bit of a rescue mission and things have been going down hill for sometime. Manos was also considering giving up his job at Grammeno because he finds it difficult to work with Mrs P as she is so inconsistent and volatile. Fortunately he has decided to end his relationship but not his job at Grammeno.
Some of the punters were only here for the weekend so have left, however the camping appears to be quite busy, and a lot busier than at the same time last year. I don’t have cause to venture down to the bar area, even walking the dogs, as now we are able to use the private entrance and go across the field, now devoid of sheep. In fact, now that I have my own water supply, I need to venture out even less, only to get a shower and to use the toilet. I get visits from Manos quite frequently but happily the days of people wandering past in the early hours of the morning on their way back from the bar, are now a thing of the past.