Not just one tap…

Having waited all this time to have one tap, now I have two!

My secondary watering tap is now operational thanks to a length of plastic pipe and some pipe fittings.

I discovered a leak from the joint with the outside showers and my supply, and tried to repair it. Unfortunately I was unable to fix it so have asked Antonis if he’d get me another connector. Hopefully he will come tomorrow to check out the awning to design some brackets to hold it to the roof of the van. Knowing Antonis, I’m sure anything he fabricates will survive even the harshest storm!

I’ve ordered other hose fittings from China and received three packets today. Two from China and one from Belgium. The item from Belgium was a part for one of the machines at the camping. Another some UK, US, AUS socket adaptors to EU Schuko since I’m always being asked for them and they strangely never return. I bought them for 53p, sold them for 1€ and the camping will probably sell them for 3€.

Today’s high was 37C and we are now down to a chilly 28C at 22:25. Better put the puppies to bed.


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