Taps and awning

Not only am I a man with two taps but hopefully one with an awning too soon.

Antonis came this morning with a plumbing fitting, but it was the wrong one. He said we could carry in the awning to unpack it on the decking, until he tried to lift it whereupon he felt it might be better to wait until the evening when Manos would be there.

The puppies now have their own swimming pool. I bought a large plastic basin from the supermarket this morning. I needed to wash the smelly Boris sleeping bag which is too big for my yellow buckets as well as the washing sinks. Having washed the Boris sleeping bag, I filled the swimming pool with water and waited to see what would happen. It was not long before Minnie, who loves the water was in there. Just her paws at first, then she stood in it, before complete immersion. Minnie really loves the water and goes in the sea every day during their morning walk.


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