The Entente Cordiale, (and all that).

A while ago, I copied a whole disk of films from another camping visitor who offered me their collection, not the recent Germans.

I looked through the collection, briefly, at the time, to see films going back to the 60s. Last night I watched a 60s film about the ‘Algerian War’ which lead to independence. It was in French and Arabic with subtitles. Being one of the first Algerian films, it’s hardly unbiased, however it was well done with views from both sides fairly equally represented. I’ve read up about the ‘war’ today as well as the whole French occupation of Algeria following the Ottoman Empire. It seems that the French are so keen to hide the distasteful truth that, only fairly recently, was there a Conservative attempt to force teachers to uphold the positive features of the French 130 year plus tenure. Fortunately this legislation was reversed reasonably quickly. One might have a better understanding of Arab Muslim desire for repayment in the light of history. The French are particularly keen to play down their attempted ethnic cleansing of Algeria. Something along the lines of “the only good Arab is a dead Arab”. Recent events in France could be construed as payback time.

A couple were camping on the promontory this morning and discovered by the dogs. They had already suffered the arrival of Costas at 04:00 to disturb their blissful slumbers. They were then revisited by Obi, whose job is to seek out the ‘freeloaders’ as Ursula cares to call them. Shortly after, I saw the couple dragging their stuff back to the car park: they’d had enough Costas told me he had a cache of salt stolen yesterday and is certain it’s the Albanians. .

I rearranged my south sun blocker today, having put them up following last night’s wind. Now all evenly pegged out at the edge of the decking using the hooks supplied by Antonis. The guys go under the deck to hook up securely.

I had an unexpected shower when the ‘puppy’ compound hose gave up the ghost and sprang a leak. I’ve cut off the affected section consisting of about 3 meters. I’ve asked Antonis to get me a replacement. The sharp wire from the top of the fence caused the failure. I drag the hose over the fence to get water for the washing up, hand washing etc.

The vet came to chip Charlie and Millie this morning. The pet passports will be given to Birgit who will take them back with her on 7 September.

More arrivals earlier, so the camping isn’t quite so bare. This was the final weekend of the season, so I expect things to get much quieter from now on.


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