No wind tonight

And the sun has already set so I reckon it will be dark by 20:30.

More packages arrived from China earlier and Maria brought them down to me. I was on the phone to Louise, who is not at EG anymore, but working from home. Over the next few days I will be setting them up to work from their home-offices. EG has gone all modern by doing away with offices. Something to do with not having the money to run an office as well!
It would have been nice to have had a drone this morning as it was so still when I went out to walk the dogs. We had fun and Costas was still out collecting salt for a change. I think he is trying to get in as much as possible since the salt days are soon to draw to a close. Tassos, the German guy, who has live here for years, came by for a chat as I was on the beach with Boris, Luis and Charlie. He had been filling up the rock pools to make some more salt for himself. He is not so technologically sophisticated as Costas, so has to move all the water by hand.
Other than support calls and setting up my old hose with the new spray attachment from China, it has been a relaxing day in the sun. Another highlight was to empty the dog poo bucket at my secret location at the top of the camping. People see me casually saunter up the site carry a bucket with a lid. A few moments later, they see me casually walk back down the site with a much lighter bucket than before. Little do they know…
As predicted, it is 20:30 and dark. Other than a bit of reflected light still lingering in the sky. Dawn this morning, at around 06:00, was particularly attractive, with an orange sky and a sliver of a crescent moon hanging in the sky above the mountains. Soon the sun will no longer rise behind the mountains, but over the sea, so I will see it earlier and I will be able to watch it as it rises.
The sea daffodils are coming out in the sand dunes. The first few poked their heads above the parapet a few days ago, however more are appearing each day. They come to their peak about mid-September if I recall correctly.
The Small Dogs need to go to bed I think so I’d better go to see to them.


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