Today’s highlights included:

Usual morning activities with fishermen appearing not to catch much from the boat just off the end of the promontory. Supermarket where Georgia on the till had a headache, caused, she expected by the stress of her daughter leaving to go to uni or whatever. Or maybe it was just the weather or the moon or… we’ll probably never know.

The German couple with Small Son in T1, took my advice and went to Elafonissi by ferry rather than take their car as planned. They said it was quite crowded, but then there are still plenty of tourists around. They said they enjoyed their day nonetheless although they didn’t wade to the island.

A support session with Louise to set up her printer and her logon. She can now logon and print as well as connect to the EG server in Aylesbury. Result!

Maria appeared with two more parcels for me: a USB charger and a spray attachment for one of my many hoses. We chatted for a short while, she seemed quite amiable, and we discussed Georgia’s mother’s operations and the fact that she’d prefer the beach to the reception office.

It was quite hot with a high of 36.3C at 12:59.

I’ve looked at the pictures and video taken by the German guy using his Phantom 3 camera drone. The quality of the images is good although I’m not quite so sure about the content. Some good pictures of the camping which I’ll let you see in due course. He took everything from way up high so the detail is a little sketchy at ground level. There was another guy flying his drone early the other morning. He was packing up as I came back with the Small Dogs. His was not a Phantom, as I could tell from the sound. The dogs heard it before me.

Minnie is still receiving regular dunks in the sea to heal the nasty sore area on her neck. Luis is enjoying (!) his daily session in the sea and that seems to sort him out. And Oskar’s tail is fine now. He and I had a bit of a conversation this morning as he persisted in barking after I’d requested he stop. He got marched off to a kennel where he was unceremoniously incarcerated at my pleasure. He is a little more attentive now although we have some other things we need to work through.

The sun set around 20 minutes ago so it’s rapidly getting dark. I need to put on a shirt and then put the Small Dogs to bed.


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