Camo shorts

The camo shorts are still hanging in there although there were actually people camping on the promontory this morning to witness the tear. What I presume to be a couple with a young child. The Small Dogs found them and barked a bit – just for a change. I heard the baby cry. If I had a young child, and there was a camping close by, I’m not sure I’d consider free-camping. There was another dog owner too, so when I went out with Boris, Luis and Charlie, we went to the pebble beach which is much nearer anyway. People come there around 09:00 so it’s better to be gone by then as, believe it or not, some people object to dogs being on the beach and swimming in the sea. A customer of the camping was telling me this. Admittedly he was in the main beach in front of the camping, and there is a notice saying dogs are not allowed, but this is Greece, so everyone naturally ignores any instruction and does their own thing. Hence the camping on the promontory. The sign clearly states, in symbols, Greek and English, that overnight stays and camping are not allowed. Consequently I have little sympathy for those who moan at being disturbed by the dogs: indeed, like Nelson, I turn a blind eye sometimes.


Given that it’s Friday night, the camping is, as expected, looking a bit undernourished. Looking north from me, in the sector directly behind, I can see only one occupied tent. In the opposite sector, across the path, there are about another four tents. I’ve not walked down the front of the camping so cannot accurately report, however it doesn’t look very busy.


The noise I reported last night emanating from the beach car park or Amos Beach Bar, was, in fact, from the bar. I could see stacks of chairs this morning, so presume the loud music which continued until around 02:00, was coming from there. The people, who pay a handsome sum to rent the Cedar Bay Villas, must have been less than impressed since the bar is virtually in their front gardens giving them ring-side seats to the celebrations. I shall mention the noise, which kept me awake for a while, to Antonis who will doubtless pass on the message to his friend who runs the bar. Seeing as his friend rents the bar from Cedar Bay, I can foresee trouble ahead… The Villas are Greek owned but, I believe, marketed from London, which is why most of the inmates are British. As they are paying around £1,000 each for a couple sharing, I’d not be happy being kept up half the night. Here is the all new Cedar Bay Villas website. It’s quite a nice website and doesn’t even mention prices! If you need to ask: you can’t afford it!


Ursula and Tony are gearing up for their visit to Crete. They intend camping at Grammeno, as they did last year, albeit much later. Tony has had his doctor appointment today, so needs only to be back for the next one scheduled for somewhen in November. Their friend Anne, whose husband died suddenly a couple of years ago, and who came to Crete with them in May, is also coming to stay for a week. She is either going to stay in one of the Small Cabins at Grammeno or rent a studio in one of the nearby ‘hotels’. More comfort and cost in the studio and not so near the beach or the others. I’m sure she will work it out.


The wind continues, although not strong enough to be really annoying. Too strong for the sun blockers and I can’t be doing with the sound of the main awning so am leaving that down since more wind is forecast. The sun isn’t so strong and there’s plenty of shade under the carobs, so it matters little to me. It’s too much hassle to put up the awning simply to take it down again the following day.

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