Italian earthquake

We talked about the Italian Earthquake which, as of today, has claimed nearly 300 lives.

Here is a link to an article about the earthquake:

Other news:

Birgit, the German contact, who said she would be able to take Charlie and Millie, came today to see them both. She now tells me that she doesn’t think either of them are suitable for the intended families so she won’t be taking them. When she told me the intended family were an older couple, who have little or no experience with pets, I was a little sceptical although hopeful. This lot need to go to people used to dogs, who are willing to work with them. I look after them and walk them, but don’t have the opportunity to socialise them with people other than my occasional visitors. At least the busy season is over now, so we can all relax a bit with few people on the camping.

As you once said, they are in a doggy heaven, so are not going to want to leave. They know when they’re on to a good thing.


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