Not-so-lazy Sunday afternoon

Everything was late today as I was chatting. First to a German guy on the beach. He lost his wife a month ago but decided to come back to Crete which they both loved. Then I got chatting to the German couple with young son in T1 who have a friend who trains dogs. They will pass my email to him in case he knows people who would adopt dogs from Crete. The couple leave today for Chania before their flight from Iraklion Tuesday and back to work Wednesday.

Also mailed Wendy, who took one of the first puppies, friend of Lorraine Benson, the U.K. contact who helped find homes. She will remind her about Minnie and circulate details of the dogs in her network.

Some support work including a call from Inter Sport who managed to lock out one of their tills, the EG server failing to back up and a new user from Mr Lawrence.

Then there was a little sleeping under the carob tree together with chatting to Ursula as she prepares for their holiday in Crete.

I decided to leave Charlie and Millie in the main compound today. Charlie concentrated on trying to devour an entire rawhide bone, but without success. Millie stayed in her cage for a long time, even though the door was left ajar from this morning.

Still a bit windy however the forecast talks about calmer weather tomorrow. I could perhaps have put up the awning today but it may be windy in the night, so will do it tomorrow.

Sitting with my back to the sun on the decking, facing the White Mountains. The sun is heating the chair back providing pleasant warmth. The Brown Dogs are in the van, but all are looking forward to their supper which will include tinned meat tonight. Sundays and Wednesdays are meat days!


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