Clearing the storeroom

You will naturally be pleased to note that it is CLOUDY today in Crete. We can see the sun from time to time, but mostly clouds. I’m not saying that it’s cold, as the temperature as I write is 28C, but the sky is not the usual clear, blue one we have been fortunate to see for several months.

Lots of activity in the storeroom today as there has been a large consignment of palm leaves left to dry over the winter ready to replace those damaged or blown away over the winter. They make good shade and come mostly from the trees in the camping. Judging by the quantity that has arrived, I suspect some are from elsewhere. Much of the junk, so carefully stored in the storeroom for so long, has been evicted and chucked outside. I foresee that it may remain outside for the foreseeable future as not all thinking is necessarily very joined-up. “Let’s chuck all the crap out of the storeroom and think about disposing of it later”. I don’t have to look at it because my fence is in the way, but I have to pass by it all each time I go in or out.

During a conversation with Maria, lovingly referred to as Frau Hitler by Ursula, I understand the first German couple with the older son who likes to party, are returning to the camping in October with their own caravan which they will leave here all year round. That way, they will be able to come to Grammeno any time they please. When I asked Maria where their caravan was going to be put, she was unable to comment. I am also looking forward to finding out where it will be located. There are few choices as I have already been around this loop myself. Watch this space!

More work for EG today setting up Kirsten’s computer. She was the part time receptionist however is taking over other duties from now.


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