Earthquakes and all that

You went to Ian and Pippa’s 50th wedding anniversary yesterday which is why most of St Pancras was there. I’m glad the food was nice and you had an enjoyable time.

You are slowly being moved out of your study and into your new, micro-study. It’s a bit like Desert Island Disks where you have to choose the records, books in your case, that you wish to take to your own, personal Desert Island (Greyfriars’ Court).

I put my awning and all it’s accoutrements up again this morning since the forecast promised calm days. It was very calm when I went out this morning but we had a bit of wind in the middle of the day.

Click here to see the wind graph


Then I got into setting up one of the other EG computers as the person was on holiday last week. It took quite a long time as there was a problem setting up the VPN connection to Bucks County Museum. We finally found the cause and got it working. I plan to finish off the job tomorrow as I had another job waiting.

Clive tells me his daughter’s Mac computer has died, which is, in a way, fortunate, as Apple offer generous discounts at this time of year to students.

Even at 20:11, it’s beginning to get dark and I am sitting under the awning with the light on. All of the Small Dogs are exceedingly quiet or they may have simply run away…

Luis is laying on a former bath mat, used to keep my feet off the floor during winter, assuming I can get them between the various Brown Dogs. IT seems that, unless Georgia actually takes Obi with her to Chania, there will be three Brown Dogs inside this winter. All the accommodation is taken up with Small Dogs and I should assume that the number of Small Dogs is unlikely to diminish significantly.

Georgia came to see my at the very moment I went into the loo on the other side of the workshop. I heard her walk past with Stavros, the Manos replacement. Then I heard all the dogs barking so knew where they were.

She commented that no one was likely to be breaking in to steal anything from me. She said that they were moving a load of palm leaves into the store tomorrow, to dry over winter, and would I mind moving Dave out whilst they did it to save tripping over him all the time. I also need to move my stuff from the pallet where they intend putting the leaves.

She also tells me that she can no longer let her dogs go onto the beach since one likes attacking other dogs and the other, people. I know about this having been a victim of both as far back as 2013, when I first arrived. She has at least realised that they are dangerous, which is a step forward I suppose. She says they will be periodically released into the camping during the winter, which won’t be a problem for me as I have a fence all around. However it is still likely to be a cause of tension and will end in a barking match I have no doubt.

It is now totally dark, looking east, as there is only the small beginnings of a New Moon at the moment and it has not risen yet. Autumn is coming as I felt a slight hint of a nip in the air as I went out with the dogs around 06:40.

You may have received daily weather summaries from my weather station. They are sent out at 23:45 (21:45) with a brief list of temperatures and pressures and so on. They are a work in progress and if you would rather not receive them, just let me know.