Irresistible Force

There is no point in you trying to resist and you can run, but you cannot hide.

She will find you, wherever you are, and you WILL be moving on 14 September as that is the date she has decided on! Resistance, as they say, is useless, as she will get you in the end!
Today has been a lot sunnier than yesterday. It has not been amazingly hot due to the gentle easterly breeze which has been with us since morning.
I have been playing with my toys and answering emails. I have been working on a website for my weather station – long overdue considering I have been keeping records for over two years. I cannot say that I have created the website as it is a well known template for weather stations. However I am in the process of configuring it and will let you see it once it is properly operational.
There has been more activity in the storeroom next to me and Dave has been outside so as to be out of the way of people coming in and out. Some of the rubbish from outside has been relocated but I have yet to see how long it will be before everything disappears and it’s tidy again. The last time it was tidy was when Dennis and I cleaned everything up and threw away a load of rubbish.
I shall not be holding my breath.


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