Norwigians again

The day started early due to music from a nearby wedding. There was also a certain amount of dog activity involving me getting out of my bed on a number of occasions. First it was to stop Minnie from barking. She has the former Dave kennel so there is no mechanism for preventing her from roaming around. I plan to devise some way to stop her coming out. I moved her up to the deck where I tied her to one of the legs. Then I had to move anything she might wish to chew from inside her chewing range. The barking was triggered by perhaps a hedgehog or similar in the undergrowth on the other side of my fence to no man’s land. Whatever it was seemed quite loud so I can imagine it’s worth a bark or two. In the middle of the night, this can be quite annoying, so she had to be stopped. Then there was Charlie, bunking with Oskar, who decided to throw up. He’d been chewing on something all afternoon and was sick before supper, so didn’t want to eat. Oskar, for some obscure reason, was unimpressed with all the sick latterly produced by Charlie, so was engaging in a barking contest. I removed both dogs, couldn’t be bothered to clean up all the sick, so left them to their own devices. Fortunately the night passed with little disruption until we left for our walk as it was getting light around 06:30.

Two mornings in a row, I have managed to fly my quadcopter without it ending up in the sea! I had a couple of inelegant landings today, but most were reasonably successful. There were people sleeping out on the beach so I kept Obi on the lead tied to a large rock otherwise he goes tearing off to bark at them taking Fido and Luis with him. Obi got quite bored with the entire drone-flying-concept whilst the others played happily nearby. They seem to virtually ignore the drone, unless it happens to be coming down on their heads, whereupon they tend to move out of the way.

Later, I went with Luis, Boris and Minnie for the second sitting and ran into the Norwegian couple who are in the closest villa to me. On the previous encounter, Luis had been quite barky, however this time he was more relaxed with them preferring to lay in the sand to have his tummy rubbed. Minnie was charming and as potty as ever. She will make someone a wonderful dog if only I could find that someone.
Dave cleared his bowl this evening and appeared more energetic. He seems to be sleeping most times when I walk past the storeroom although these occasions are now less frequent as I only need to go outside my fortress to use the loo or snoop around the camping.
I have made a few changes to my Weather Website but there is still more work to do.
They have all had their fix of Sunday Meat so are in various stages of decline. Obi is inside whereas Luis and Fido are on the deck near me. Boris is in his house and the Small Dogs, for the moment, are playing quietly. The sun has set and the sky is darkening.
I think perhaps a glass of wine is called for…


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