More Germans in T1

After the Boris/Luis/Oskar/Minnie walk this morning, I made contact with the latest set of Germans to inhabit T1, the closest chalet to me and the gap in the fence where I can go out with the dogs avoiding both going through the camping or going on the road.

It transpires that these Germans are from Leipzig and not from Berlin, unlike the previous two German occupants. However, if their plans come to pass, they too, will be moving to Berlin. It seems that everyone wishes to live in Berlin. Most of the conversation was with the wife, who speaks very good English. She asked me about the dogs and said that they were not disturbed by them as they do not bark at night and the daytime doesn’t matter.
For the second walk, I generally take Boris, Luis and one other. Today, Minnie didn’t come back at the end of the first walk and was later to be seen playing vigorously with Maria’s dog on the Grammeno Beach. I decided to leave her and to catch up with her when I came back with Boris etc. She decided to join us, forsaking Maria’s dog, so enjoyed another walk, as did Oskar.
I took my quadcopter again today but did not have as many batteries as I expected, making the flight session rather short. One battery lasts around ten minutes depending on the amount of wind and what you do with the copter.
Ursula contacted me to tell me that she was going near ScrewFix so I gave her my list. I need to do some jobs on the van so Ursula kindly offered to bring out the items I needed in their car.
I’ve not been bothered by any customers today, so have been tinkering with my weather website. I’ve fixed a few things and have added a couple of pages including a contact form. You will notice that the weather website reports in m/s, km/h and Beaufort so nearly everyone should be happy except for sailors who prefer knots.
It has been warm and reasonably sunny today although we went through a bit of a cloudy period. I can see from a website I discovered earlier, that there is a lot of lightning activity on the mainland. Hopefully it will not be coming our way. I think Boris has got over barking at the thunder but I’d rather not put it to the test.
Even at 20:22 it is now dark. A sure sign that the days are getting shorter. We were up before it got properly light this morning and leaving soon after. At least you will be snug and warm in your Greyfriar’s flat and not have to brave the Octagon Room to go to bed at night.


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