Prospective customer

On my return with Boris, Luis and Millie today, we chatted to the Norwegian couple who are in the nearest CBV. They were just off to Anydri beach for a day in the sun. Having a rental car as part of their package, they intend making use of it. They spent some while petting Luis and Millie. Luis seems to have warmed to the couple since he has stopped barking at them preferring to have his ears stroked.

Following my supermarket visit, I was waylaid by Maria in the office complaining of a printer problem. I messed around with the printer for a little while, with the help of her glasses, as mine were not with me, and decided she needed a different black ink cartridge. As I was departing, a German customer appeared with a few questions and, since I was leaving anyway, I said I would show him what he needed to know. We got chatting and he was telling me that he had spent several winters on Crete on a boat but that this year they wished to spend winter on their van so were looking for a suitable camping for their stay. They had already visited Sisi on the north coast and Camping Elizabeth. I visited Sisi in 2001 with Danny and Kieron but I’ve not been to Elizabeth. He asked me to come for a glass of wine this evening, so I’m off to chat with them in a few moments.
First I have to put the dogs to bed. They are curled up in their run as this evening is a little breezy, so slightly chilly. I can’t leave them all out if I go out or they will get noisy.
I hope your move is going to plan.


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