Good ‘night out’

Such excitement! I went for a couple of glasses of wine the the German couple with a nice motorhome which, apparently, they purchased at a very reasonable price. The previous owner had gone out shopping and brought loads of accessories but had never managed to actually get around to using them. They therefore managed to acquire a ten year old motorhome which looks as though it’s come from the showroom, with only 20,000km, complete with a safari tent, new awning and all the trimmings.

We had a good chat until gone midnight and drank a couple of glasses of his white wine in exchange for lots of information. They are leaving in a couple of days to attend a family reunion on Crete and to check out a camping for their winter stay. I suspect it is a camping I visited during my trip here with Danny and Kieron, back at the turn of the century. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s nice, but on the east coast and in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, I feel sure they will make a decision which is right for them. Nice couple with a nice little dog.
I didn’t fly my quadcopter this morning as it was a bit windy. I also wanted to check it out as there seemed to be a bit of a funny noise from one of the motors. Looking inside the copter, there is only the main radio and control circuit board, a battery, four motors and four LED lights. You need the LED lights to see which way the copter is facing, otherwise you end up going into the sea. You also need to keep it in sight as, once out of sight, you have no idea what it’s doing. Hence my first one disappearing into the sea! I can now see that modern technology can make a fun thing such as a quadcopter, very cheaply, due to mass production of the parts. Amazing really.
I read today that in Holland, where there are a lot of drones, the police now have, not dog handlers, but eagle handlers. They are responsible for bringing down drones which are perhaps flying too close to an airport or flying during some sensitive visit where security is a priority. The eagles see the drones as prey and go after them. I’m not sure they make a nice meal for the eagle and the drone owner might not like a couple of thousand quids worth of drone being devoured by an eagle. Some people are incredibly insensitive and stupid though.
There is almost no wind this evening so the mosquitos are out on force. I’ve broken out a candle kindly donated by someone, containing citronella, supposed to repel mosquitos.
Ursula and Tony left their house in France today to continue their journey by car to Crete. They should arrive here on 22 September and plan to stay for around a month before returning to Athens to visit Tony’s sister and going back to England.
Today you should be moved into your new flat and enjoying your new kitchen bathroom and everything else.
The mosquitos do not appear to have read the chapter of the manual on being repelled by citronella candles…


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