All moved in

I understand you are all moved in and getting used to your new surroundings. I received a call from your landline phone so assumed it had been transferred. I was surprised as I expected the phone to be transferred next Thursday but wondered perhaps if there had been a change of plan. I called you mobile several times and it just rang, before going to answerphone. You might notice a few missed calls.

I’m sitting out on the decking alone as all the dogs have either been put to bed or put inside. There is a German couple with a motorhome and three medium-sized dogs. It would appear that they have gone off for a meal somewhere leaving the dogs in their van. One of them is barking which is setting off Georgia’s dogs generating a barking circle. I’ve put all mine in since the temptation to bark and join-in was too much for them. I’ve also got some music going via my new Bluetooth speaker as this helps to drown out the background sounds.
We have also endured some of the local loonies who have bee riding their bikes around the car park and even perhaps onto the beach. This created a huge amount of barking from all the dogs on the camping and I had to work quite hard to keep my lot from making things worse. There is one particular young person who has a motorbike with he can make backfire. He takes huge delight in riding down the road, which runs parallel to the camping, whilst making his stupid motorbike backfire. Naturally I do not wish him ill but hope that perhaps the constant backfiring is destroying the internal components of his machine resulting in their premature failure.
Reports from Ursula, once they arrived at their stopover where there was WiFi, confirm that they are well on their way, not far from the Italian border with France. Tomorrow night, Ursula’s birthday, they intend to spend the night near Lake Como as I understand this holds some significance for them. The following day they will continue to Venice where they will stay in a hotel prior to catching the ferry to Patras the following day. Nice easy stages with stopovers in hotels every night. A bit of a contrast from my drive, sleep, drive sleep approach. But then they are not travelling in a slow old motorhome with six or four dogs, depending on which journey you are considering.
Going to get something to eat now as I’m fed up being eaten by mosquitoes which don’t understand the significance of a citronella candle.


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