Late again today!

So many people to talk to at the moment: The Germans in T1 who left today giving me all their bits a pieces including a child’s football, and umbrella and enough food for a week; the Germans I had a drink with the other night come to see the Grammeno Dogs’ Home and may come back for a drink after they have eaten at the restaurant and then the other German couple with three dogs and a motorhome who are in the middle of the camping near the kitchen; not forgetting the Australian and his wife in a Latvian registered van who are camping in the Grammeno Beach car park. They are the ones with the little dog which decided he’d like to say hello to all the dogs the other morning. The Australian, whose name is Frank, agrees that Grammeno is the nicest part of Crete. He says he has visited all over the island, on several occasions, but finds that he keeps coming back to Grammeno.

After I’d finished chatting to all of them as well as take all the dogs for their walks, it was coming up to 11 and I hadn’t even been to the supermarket for any bread. I don’t know why it is but there seem to be a lot of support calls on a Friday all of a sudden. One from Mr Lawrence and the other from another of the EG staff now working from home who needed their computer set up to access the server.
Ursula and Tony are now by Lake Garda which is shrouded in mist and pouring rain. Fortunately the weather was wonderful on their previous visit as they are not even contemplating leaving the hotel as it’s so dreadful. Tomorrow they have a relaxed drive to Venice with the ferry to Patras the following day. They are dropping in on Tony’s sister, who lives near Athens, and Ursula hopes Tony will leave behind some of the unnecessary garments he managed to smuggle into the car when she wasn’t paying attention. Tony has, according to Ursula, come equipped for a visit to the North Pole rather than to Crete in the autumn.
I’m sitting on the decking watching the Full Moon rise in the sky, soon to disappear above the awning and out of view. My weather website has not yet managed to get the sun and moon correct yet. There is something I need to do in order to get that to work as it should but I don’t appear to have discovered what it is yet.It still remains a work in progress…


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