No call today

Last night I had a visit from Ulrich however his other half was not able to come due to a painful neck and shoulders. I know all about that so can sympathise. He and I chatted until around 23:30 at which point he tottered off into the darkness. He’s a few years older than me however we have quite a lot in common as I discovered he is a Monty Python fan as well as the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They are planning to come back to the camping to stay for part of the winter so we should find more time to chat.

Apparently your mobile isn’t working and your house phone will not be connected until next week. So I’m sending an email instead.

A comparatively easy walk this morning with no mishaps and I even managed to recapture both Minnie and Charlie who can sometimes be difficult to get back at the end of the walk. I caught them unawares and put them both on the lead before the end of the walk.
I even managed to get back in good time to get to the supermarket but without having a shower beforehand. It was cooler this morning and I have been resorting to using the duvet for the past couple of nights. Not at bed time but early in the morning. The early morning temperatures are sometimes dipping down to 19C.
The bulk of the day has been fairly uneventful. It has been sunny and warm with very little wind. Not having wind is a bonus however the mosquitoes are then free to roam at will.
The camping was looking rather empty however some new people have arrived during the day. There is now a Greek family in T1 and a few people are actually camping in the area behind me. It would seem that the season is still not quite at an end. I expect it will be quiet again by Monday as this is merely a weekend ‘rush’.


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