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On the way to the supermarket this morning I was accosted by a German guy who wanted to borrow the long ladder belonging to the camping to reach up to the roof of his motor home. We got chatting and he asked if he could catch up with me later and gather some information as he has been on Gavdos but wanted to get some help with projects he was working on. I suggested he get in touch with Antonis, who knows everyone. We had quite a long chat and then he invited me to come to his van for a beer this evening, in recognition of my information services. As it turns out, he came to see me, bringing beers with him. He told me that he used to be a film editor specialising in TV series. Consequently, he has a huge knowledge of TV series and films. Mostly from the sixties, seventies and eighties. He is a young man, born only in 1960, He has a younger wife who likes to cook and who presented me with a huge quantity of onion soup. Very yummy!

Other than that, I’ve done a little IT work for Mr Lawrence and installed a new network cable to Janne and Erica’s CCTV camera as it has been rather unreliable lately. It turns out that the cable was being crushed against the side of the building by the branch of a large carob tree. I have made up a new cable so now their CCTV camera is working properly again. They have felt a little ‘blind’ not being able to view their caravan. I was surprised at how often they do actually look at the camera. Anyway, it’s all fixed now.
Tony and Ursula are on the ANEK ferry from Venice to Patras. Only just in time, because there is a seamen’s  strike which will affect sailings from Piraeus to Souda (Crete): they will be on the very last sailing before the strike begins.
I had an email from Laura, who does the EG websites. She is away in Morocco and came upon a couple of very young puppies. She sent me an email asking how she should look after them. I sent her some links and some of my own comments.
Now sitting out on my deck listening to music whilst polishing off the last of the beer. The Small Dogs are in bed but the Brown Dogs are out with me on the deck.
Probably now is a good time for me to catch up with my sleep.


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