Storms approaching

I discovered an interesting website which shows thunderstorms and lightning in almost real-time. I can see that there are two storms approaching Κρητη, one from the west and another from the north. We are heading into the thunderstorm season as this is the time of year.

I said goodbye to Frank, his wife and Frankie his little Cocker Spaniel this morning. They are catching the ferry from Souda to start their long drive home to Latvia. He is Australian, but they live in Latvia for some reason. He says he’ll see me next year when he comes back.

Today it is cloudy and humid as a prelude to tomorrow’s [predicted] storms. We’ve not seen any rain for months at Grammeno, so a bit of rain wouldn’t hurt. I’m sure it will be good for my plants. There was some rain in Paleochora a couple of weeks ago but none fell at Grammeno. Paleochora is only 5.5km away but is closer to the mountains so the rain appears to spill over on the village.

Visits from Juergen and Antonis this evening.

Hot and sticky still so a storm is brewing.

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