Full of Frogs

The camping is full of Frogs again as it’s that time of year. Nothing to do with the rain I suspect as they come here in their motorhomes every year at about this time. I think it is a club or an organisation. There are lots of vans cluttering the place up but they will probably leave tomorrow or Saturday at the very latest. I could hear them arriving as they parked their vans amongst the trees.

Earlier, Juergen came to see me to update me on the health of his cat which as bitten by one of the dogs. Not one of mine I hasten to point out, as they are always on the lead when they are being walked through the camping. He went racing off to the vet yesterday, following the incident, and ended up in Chania visiting a vet who could do X-rays. Anyway, the cat has no broken bones and should be fine. Just a bit shaken up and perhaps more careful around dogs from now on. Juergen has been doing some business with Antonis who has been introducing him to various traders as well as getting materials for him. Juergen and his wife will be going back to Gavdos relying on Antonis to gets supplies to him via the regular ferry. There is not a lot going on on Gavdos during the winter and often the ferry does not said due to poor weather. I can see it moored in the Paleochora harbour when I take out the dogs in the mornings so know which days it does not sail.
Ursula and Tony will be leaving Piraeus this evening and should arrive at Souda Bay in Crete around 06:00 Thursday morning. They should get to the camping around 08:00 depending on how long it takes to offload the ferry. They are probably the last passengers to arrive before the strike which is scheduled for Friday and Saturday.
Juergen and I have swapped some viewing material so I have some more interesting shows for those long, dark, winter evenings to come. His evenings will be longer and darker than mine as Gavdos is particularly windy especially during winter.


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