As you may have seen…

I now have three sides up! There is a panel to go in the doorway but I’m not sure we are going to need that quite yet.

Following our late lunch yesterday, Tony and Ursula went off to their tent and made the fatal decision to lie down for a few minutes. A lot later, I received a text to say that should I be bored, I might come down to them. I had tidied up a bit in anticipation of their arrival. I had some work that needed finishing so managed to get all of that done and dusted.
It was cool again this morning and a fleece was the order of the day yet again. I took it off once the sun got up and the wind subsided.
Ursula took Heidi again and they went for a nice walk together. Good for both of them…
I got waylaid by Mrs P who was picking my brain about CCTV cameras and I now know she has a quote for 1,500€ which she said she was prepared to accept if I thought it was worth it. I said that, provided she supplies me with the materials of my choice, together with some labour, I would manage the project and set it up for her. That way, I remain in control of the system and know what it going on. Better the devil you know…
Later than scheduled, we went to Paleochora for lunch and were the sole customers in a restaurant overlooking the sandy beach. Tony is not a big eater and seems to do better if he eats during the day rather than the evening. I get to eat what he leaves behind since Ursula is technically still on her diet. Consequently, I end up full of my meal and often quite a bit of his. I am saving Ursula from herself in many respects.
The sun is moving further to the south in the morning and will soon be back to rising over the sea rather than behind the mountains. The dogs had me up just after 06:00 and we were out and on the promontory well before 06:30. Sunrise is now 07:16 and sunset 19:16 (7.16pm) interestingly.
There is a guy in a fishing boat who chugs past on the same course each day. He gives me a cheery wave as he continues and Luis barks ferociously back.
Anne, Ursula and Tony’s friend arrives on Wednesday and I plan to use the trip to Chania to take Dave to the vet. I will refrain from feeding Dave the night before if his performance is anything like when he was in Antonis’ car. We nearly died of his Silent and Deadly farts!
Fido is flat out on the ‘new’ dog bed and appears to be oblivious to the flapping tent-sides nearby. Initially, he was disturbed whenever they flapped alarmingly.
I have washed the sun blockers and will pack them away in the tent valise once they are dry. I have a feeling the sun is unlikely to warrant being blocked out from now on. The tent is up now so that is how it will remain unless there is some reason to remove it. I need to know how well it will survive a very strong wind and it may require additional pegging and bungees to provide extra stability. I am also thinking about some form of floor covering to prevent the wind which blows under the decking freezing off my feet in winter. Fine when the sun is out, but less amusing on a dull, but windy day.
The Small Dogs have just ‘seen off’ an inquisitive passer-by on the other side of the fence. Janne and Erica’s caravan has never been so safe!


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