Mickey, Heidi, Minnie and Luis

The above mentioned spent a cordial time together playing at Ursula and Tony’s area this morning. Minnie went AWOL on the last part of the walk and hooked up with her little friend Mickey, who is Maria’s dog. She and he were by the fence as I went out again, this time with Luis and Boris. Mickey stayed out front and Minnie raced up and down. Luis was not keen on an interloper. At release point, I held on to Luis so that he didn’t rush after Mickey and chase him off. Poor sore paw or not: suddenly he was cured and feeling a lot better. Mickey was with us, at a distance, and we completed the walk without incident. On our return, I brought back Boris and collected Heidi, for her third consecutive away-day with Ursula and Tony. I thought I might as well take Minnie too so they were all tied to a tree root outside Ursula and Tony’s tent. Then along came Mickey, emboldened by the fact that we were on the camping, which is his territory, and they were all tied up on leads. As it turned out, they all played happily together including Stavros’ small black dog. Even Luis, poor sore paw or not, and grumpy as he is, played with Mickey. I eventually left Ursula and Tony with Heidi and took Luis and Minnie back to get some breakfast. Thinking of which, neither got breakfast as I forgot to feed them! Luis could help himself, however, Minnie got nothing. I’d better make it up to her in a few moments.

In the afternoon we went to Paleochora to the Third Eye which is a family-run restaurant which serves mostly vegetarian and vegan food. The family are Greek/New Zealand and they have a huge Irish Setter which must weigh around 100kg and eat as much as all of my dogs together. It was a very enjoyable meal and I popped off to the ATM and a quick visit to the 1€ shop where I purchased a new washing line as mine broke last night.
Upon our return, I took Dave for a quick visit to Tony and Ursula and Tony retired to his boudoir for some serious contemplation. I came back with Dave and sat in the sun, in my awning tent and fell asleep. Good food and a couple of glasses of wine and it’s difficult to resist.
Anne arrives tomorrow and will be met at the airport by Tony and Ursula. I was thinking about taking Dave to the vet but might leave it until they take Anne back next week as I do not know exactly where in Chania the vet surgery is.
The Small Dogs are getting noisier by the minute and Feeding Time is close upon us so I had better give them some grub which will quieten them down. Last light I left poor Charlie incarcerated in one of the houses. He likes to have his food in peace, so I put him inside or he won’t eat it. I got sidetracked and forgot him until bed time when I found him lying peacefully within.


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