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I should try to stay away from ‘normality’ as you never know what might happen!

If you remain at your new address for the same amount of time as your previous one, you will be 127 when you have to move again.
The camping is very quiet despite it being Friday. I think we can declare the ‘season’ officially over. There are still a couple of motorhomes, some intrepid campers, including Tony and Ursula and people in the chalets and Small Cabins. I wonder how long it will be before the first wave of Albanians arrives?
The staff are cleaning the kitchens, most of the bar and restaurant furniture is stacked in the storeroom and even the waste bins are being brought in. I suspect Georgia is planning to get as much done as possible before it rains.
We went to the restaurant at Anydri for food this afternoon and managed to drag it out until nearly 6pm. The restaurant was very busy but the food was excellent as was the view from the terrace down into the gorge. I doubt any of us will need food until breakfast. The restaurant is mostly vegetarian however they also provide meat dishes. I went for the first time with Janne and Erica just before they returned to Sweden.
Fido and Luis are flat out on the large dog bed which lays in the corner of the tent. There is little wind however they seem to pay less attention to the tent flapping around them. I have had a quiet word with the Small Dogs explaining that they will be put to bed if they make noise. So far, they appear to have understood…


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