Busy adjusting the tent

I’ve been very productive. The awning tent was put up, but not very well, so I decided it all needed adjusting. I like to think about things and work gradually rather than try to get it all done and then have to take it all apart. I’ve realigned all the bungees and all the hooks under the decking. Seemed like a good idea as there was no wind and cool. The front is now correctly aligned and properly anchored although I need to look at the corners as that’s a bit more complicated. I kept the small dogs amused by crawling under the decking and reclaiming the hooks I’d used for the sun blocker guys. The Brown Dogs ‘helped’ by visiting me whilst I was under the decking laying on my back.

I’m going to ask Antonis if he knows anyone with one of those big roll down clear screens so that I can protect the east end of the awning tent during the winter. These clear screens are used by the restaurants to keep off the wind and can survive virtually anything. They are made of thick, clear plastic which is on a roller that winds down and hooks onto the ground. It should be possible to set it up to spill the wind over the top of the awning tent to protect the tent whilst making it more comfortable within.

It’s much easier to be productive now that the weather is cooler in the evenings.

Lots of barking on the camping as a few people appear to have come for the weekend. Maria was dragging out sun beds which the others had put away in the storeroom. I could have told them they were going to be needed but then why spoil their fun? As usual, the right hand has no idea what the left is doing.

A visit to Paleochora for lunch around 15:15. We ended up in the pizza place which makes amazing pizzas on a lovely, thin base. Anne”s eyes were bigger than her stomach so the dogs got to munch the remainder of her pizza which I brought back.

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