Busy Saturday!

A German couple were camped at the end of the promontory this morning but I was unaware of them until the dogs started barking. I was flying my drone, so occupied with that. It was quite dark due to the New Moon and Obi had me up just after six. Sunrise is not until 07:21 but dawn is always wonderful with bright pink skies and plenty of light reflected off the sky.

My first caller of the day was Terry as there was a new installation update on his laptop and he couldn’t get to his emails. From then on, it seemed that everyone wanted me to do something.

We went to lunch in Paleochora at lunchtime as we were going to the Third Eye restaurant and it can be very busy with some menu items running out. It was a very nice meal as usual and then we came back to the camping.
I’ve made a couple more adjustments to the awning but have not done too much else today.
The dogs have had their Sunday meat and I have started their medication against the dreaded Leishmaniasis as this needs to be administered for 30 consecutive days in October, March and June to ward off the parasites. I put it in with the food and they gobble it up.
Now that the final part of the front of the awning front is up, it makes the inside of the awning much warmer and keeps the bugs out too. There is still an area above the van roof which requires some blocking off and I need to devise a solution for that.


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