Dave seems a little better and the Internet is back

Dave seems a little better today and even invited himself into the compound to catch-up with everyone. He lay in the sun for a bit and then took himself off under the van and then the decking. He managed to find an abandoned bone which he chewed noisily under the van. Much later he decided to return to his home in the storeroom so I gave him his food. his shot and his heart tablet. He likes the chicken and rice which gives me a good opportunity to stick him with a needle to deliver the other drug which is less detrimental to his kidneys than in tablet form.

Antonis came round last night to discuss a few jobs and I asked him if he could take Dave and I back to the vet on Friday. I left it to him to phone the vet to find the best time to go there. It looks as though early Friday morning is going to be the favourite. Ursula has already spent the best part of one day driving to Chania and back and, even though she offered, I chose to ask Antonis if he would do it. He says he can use the time to do other jobs anyway.
I’ve put some of my LED lights on the steps up to the decking as it is now getting dark earlier. I know where the steps are however my visitors struggle a bit. Finding the gate to go out is easy enough as it has a lit above to show the way.
The sun has nearly made its way back from behind the mountains to rise over the sea. There is still a little way to go as it is now behind the town. Sun rise is 07:23 and sun set 19:03.
The dogs are all quiet at present as they have just been fed and it is meat night. Now that Dave is on a special diet, there is more meat to go around so everyone is happy. Boris got to eat some of the chicken and rice as the Leisguard, which deals with the nasty parasites carried by the Sand Flies, is not good for Dave. I will have to make alternative arrangements for him.
Still a few punters on the camping including a few small German children. Germany and Switzerland have school holidays about now so there are a few new visitors to keep the season plodding along.
I’ve been here all day today. I was out a long time yesterday and the day before, so I thought it a good idea to have a quiet rest day. I had grand ideas of doing some washing but it seems to have become less urgent than sitting in the sun.
Heidi and I have had a bit of a conversation as she has been engaging in barking practice. I have levelled up her house with a wooden block, however, I suspect that has now been removed so I’ll need to put a brick under as they find bricks less attractive to play with.


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