Fairly lazy Sunday

Ursula joined us for the tail-end of our walk and sat with me watching the dogs frolic and swim in the sea.

I did some IT work before going out to lunch with Ursula and Tony to a mountain village called Azogires with a small restaurant famous for Sophie’s omelettes. And very tasty they were too. Accompanied by salad and a little red mountain wine which apparently contains no additives or sulphides. The guy who runs the restaurant and the hotel is called Lucky and is in Cretan dress complete with dagger and pistol. All good Cretans carry at least one weapon as the invaders found out in May 1941. He and l had a bit of a joke telling competition, as he speaks very good English and is an interesting character. He is assisted by a couple from Hull and Liverpool who come to stay and help out. The restaurant looks like something that has dropped through a time warp from thirty years ago. Lucky carries on the tradition of cooking grandma Sophie’s famous omelettes. Definitely worth another visit as there are lots of interesting things to see.

Lucky returned from the US to try to revitalise his village and invites people to come to help in exchange for accommodation. It’s a very relaxed location.

Dave seems to be improving and the drugs are working. He’s still guzzling his chicken and rice which I cooked up for him from Petrakis’ supermarket in Paleochora.

It’s cooler tonight but all windows and doors are still open.


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