Ursula has now completed three morning walks with the Small Dogs. She tends to join us on the return leg as she’s not up for dragging herself out of bed before it gets light for some reason. The photos I posted yesterday were taken by her and she took some more today. On the way back we stopped to see the German couple in their camper who kindly donated 20kg of food yesterday. They are now becoming a regular part of the daily walk. Out with the Brown Dogs and Boris, we bumped into a random Frenchman who was in a Hymer, like mine, but far more modern, in the Grammeno Beach car park. He and his wife are visiting Crete for the first time. We had a good chat and they also wish to be included in the daily walk route.

Back at the Factory, there were a few drops of rain but it turned to nothing. It has been like that all day. Quite cloudy and several interludes of spots of dampness.
Somewhat later than usual, we went to Paleochora and enjoyed a meal of stuffed vine leaves, stuffed peppers, stuffed courgette flowers and big beans. Four dishes between three of us was a little adventurous and Tony actually commented that he would never have envisaged himself actually enjoying a vegetarian diet. This lot was followed by fresh fruit salad and Tony had some red wine. I just finished up whatever was left of the fruit salad but it was all very nice.
We came back to the camping to find the German caravan, from the guy with the drone and sleeping son, parked in a particularly horrid part of the camping. They have since moved it into another particularly horrid part of the camping. As usual, the management are excelling in their inability to make a sensible decision, but then nothing changes.
Dave seems to be in good spirits and has lost a lot of the fluid which was dragging him down. He now comes out each time anyone walks past the storeroom and appears to be a lot livelier. He still seems to be enjoying his chicken and rice and doesn’t seem to mind the twice-daily injections.
The wind is from the east so the sea is crashing against the rocks to my left as I sit out in the awning tent writing this. The Small Dogs are now quiet and the Brown Dogs are sleeping either on the dog bed near me or inside the van. I have not turned on the light so cannot see where they are as I am dazzled by the laptop screen.
I think I might make a cup of tea…


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