Germans are off!

The Germans and the French who have been parked on the Grammeno Beach car park have gone today. The Germans to their son in Chania for a couple of weeks before going back to Germany to be joined by their son later. They say they will not be coming back to Crete anymore as they have been everywhere and seen all there is to see. The French couple were introduced to the Small Dogs who performed well for them. They are off to Iraklion to see the sights and Knossos. They will then make their way back to France. They were telling me what a long way it is from their home to come to Crete. They told me that they live in Lyon, which is quite far south, whereupon I pointed out the UK was a lot further and involved a third car ferry. Anyway, travelling in their nice, modern Hymer, only two-up, must be a breeze.

There were a few support calls this morning then I went down to join Ursula who had both Heidi and Oskar today. I felt she needed to progress and that Heidi might set an example for Oskar. They seemed pretty relaxed when I went down as Ursula was sitting on a longer right next to the wire fence with the dogs attached to it. I brought them back to their compound, had a shower and then went back down to go out to lunch. Today we went back to Anydri where we had another lovely meal with not a single dead animal in sight. This restaurant specialises in vegetarian food. Tony seems to be getting the hang of eating only vegetables.
Ursula’s daughter is having an operation at the end of the month so Ursula has decided to return to UK to spring a surprise visit on her. She’s flying from Souda (Chania) to Stanstead (!) and then from Gatwick on the return leg. She will be in UK for a couple of days so I am delegated to keep an eye on Tony. Tony is a bit of a lazy bones so I don’t think it will be too arduous. He gets up late, goes to the beach for a bit, has lunch and then calls it a day. I think it will be me going to get the bread in the morning or we will never see him again. He managed to get completely lost last year trying to find the room they were staying in. Ursula sent him just down the road to the supermarket and he was gone for a couple of hours. She did the shopping from then on.
It has been warm and sunny today with some clouds this afternoon. The wind is from the south so it is nice and warm and not too strong.


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