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Been with Dave to Chania and the vet today.
I was up at 05:25 in order to walk all the dogs before our scheduled departure 07:00. I took them on a shorter walk than they are used to and it was still quite dark when we returned. I fed them before taking the Brown Dogs out again with Boris. No sooner had I left the camping when I heard lots of barking and assume it was Mickey roaming around near the compound. I was dreading running into Mickey earlier when I went out first off as that would have degenerated into a barking festival. Not too popular at 05:40. More barking when I returned and Ursula reported it was quite noisy until around 09:00. She went up at 07:30 to let out Millie and Charlie that I had forgotten to release before leaving. Poor Charlie was left in all morning last week as I forgot to let him out until I got back.
Adonis arrived at 06:55 and was ready to drive me. We arrived at the vet in Chania at 08:15 and I was first in the queue when the vet arrived at 08:45.
Dave is making progress, as far as the symptoms are concerned, however, the underlying problem will always be present. I have meds for another 10 days so I will visit the vet again when Ursula flies out to UK on 24 October: quite handy really. They will drop me at the vet before going to the airport and Tony will [hopefully remember] to pick me up on his return.
We went out for another lovely lunch at The Third Eye in Paleochora where there was not a dead animal on anyone’s plate. Tony enjoys a siesta after his meal whilst Ursula was looking after Oskar and Heidi. Tony and Ursula took them for a walk accompanied by Mickey.
Summer is coming to its end here as last night was on the cool side. Today was sunny and warm although I felt a little underdressed as I waited with Dave outside the vet. I could see that the body warmers had been dragged out from summer storage especially for those riding motorbikes or scooters.
The moon tonight is almost full and rose at 18:51. Sunrise is now 07:30 with first light around 06:45.
I find it hard to believe it is getting dark in Lewes at 16:00 when sunset is 18:08…


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