Another trip to Anydri

Lunch at Anydri again yesterday, on a wonderfully warm sunny afternoon sitting on the terrace admiring the view. Ursula was presented with a huge plate of cauliflower cheese, Greek style, which she could not possibly finish so I helped her out. Tony decided on pork which he said was equally delicious.

The camping was quite empty to begin with this morning but now there are more visitors including the German couple who were next to Ursula and Tony. They have come back after spending time in the mountains which they said were chilly at night. I spoke briefly with the German guy who has brought his caravan to stay at Grammeno. He is in a horrible location but he seems to be ok with it.
Heidi, Oskar and Minnie spent a few hours with Tony and Ursula. Tony was in charge when Ursula went off to swim. She is beginning to notice that I keep giving her more dogs to look after…
We’re going to have some strong winds over the next couple of days so I took the opportunity of taking all of my recycling in the wheelbarrow to the bins outside the camping. Maria remembered that there had been a delivery for me so I wheeled back my new server in the wheelbarrow. Another trip to the bins with a further barrow of recycling and I started to put my new server together. I won’t bore you with the details but it kept me busy for a while. It’s a good idea to take the recycling before high winds else it ends up everywhere.
Later, we went into Paleochora to have lunch at a restaurant on the beach where we could watch all the people who were bathing and sitting in the sun for a Sunday afternoon laze. It was extremely pleasant.
This evening I am playing with my toys and about to put the Small Dogs to bed. They have been quite quiet since I put Heidi in her cage for being noisy.


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