New media server

I stayed up late to get my new server installed with Windows 10 and finally got it going at 01:00 whereupon I retired to my boudoir for some kip. The Brown Dogs were not too impressed with being kept up half the night fiddling about with computers. The media server has progressed a bit today but I got involved with EG transfer over to faster Internet access and a couple of other matters, so was unable to do much more.

We went out about 16:00 to a restaurant in Paleochora facing the east beach. We’ve been there a couple of times before and it’s quite good. After we went to an ice cream place recommended by Maria, which Tony and Ursula visited last night.
The wind had got up when we got back so I spent some time trapping all of the things likely to fly around and generally checking things were ok. I fed all the dogs and went down to see that Tony and Ursula’s tent was secure as there is more wind forecast. I found them sitting in their tent with Tony enjoying a glass of wine. They had taken my advice and anchored everything down with large stones having moved other stuff inside. It may be windy until Wednesday lunchtime with the possibility of thunder on Friday.
The dogs got noisy so I came back to shut them up and to put them to bed despite it being earlier than usual. I stormed into the compound as they were all barking away madly. The Brown Dogs scarpered into the van where I shut them in with the gate. Boris retreated into his house when I approached, as he didn’t fancy incurring my wrath. The Small Dogs all ran into their houses as I flung open their gate, leaving me to simply close the doors. They may have picked up on the fact that I was less than pleased to have been dragged up the camping because of their noise. I wasn’t really angry but just put it on to keep them guessing!
The wind is flapping the awning so I’m going out to shut down the rear window. I’ve not had to do that in quite a while…


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