Winter drawers on!

There has been a fair amount of wind since yesterday evening. We now know that my awning and tent will survive winds up to 61km/h (40mph) without undue problem. I have made a couple of modifications including partly installing the plastic under the van sheet which is intended to deflect the wind from under the van and not enter the tent. In my particular case, the prevailing [cold] wind is from the north, so definitely important. The awning rail into which this material slides is not intended for such a long awning so I will need to source additional rail for the other part of the van. A small part is even over the front wheel arch so I need to find some solution for that. During the day it is not a problem if the sun is out as plenty of heat is trapped. Once the sun goes in, it’s a different matter. With sufficient bodies, it might be ok however three Small Brown Dogs don’t generate much in the way of heat.

Other excitements included lunch as Houmas restaurant which was amazingly busy. Their summer waiter finished last week, probably to go back to university, so they were somewhat surprised by the number of people. Consequently, they had a limited choice when we rocked up at around 15:30. It might seem a bit late for lunch but not in Greece. The other diners were all foreigners so expecting to eat 14:00 latest. Damn tourists!
Dave spent most of the day in the compound with the Small Dogs. Millie had ensconced herself in what was Dave’s house before he chose to relocate to the storeroom. I heard a little squeak, and Millie appeared having been evicted by Dave, who must have been feeling assertive. As the temperature dropped, Dave decided that the storeroom would be the better option, so I returned him there and fed the others.
I have a feeling the dogs that sleep on their own will be feeling the chill tonight. Charlie and Oskar share a large house but all the girls sleep separately as I do not have sufficient accommodation for them to be together. They behave better on their own anyway.
I appear to have the start of a cold and cough so am medicating myself with a little Mountain Village Wine which may not do anything for the annoying tickly throat or the snotty nose but may alleviate the symptoms in other ways. All the windows and the roof vents on the van are now closed: including those that connect with the awning. I may even need to consider digging out the door from its resting place in the storeroom!

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