The van door is back on!

I woke up this morning with a horrid cold. I started it yesterday but it has come full force today. Hopefully, if it is like other, similar afflictions, it will be over quite quickly. Colds don’t seem to last so long. I’ve resorted to drugs to reduce the symptoms and am now a fully-fledged Lemsip junkie.

I spent the morning, following the usual doggy obligations, decomposing peacefully in the warm sun inside my awning. If things continue as they are, I can see that the awning and tent is going to considerably improve my winter lifestyle.
We went to lunch at Anydri yet again where I ate spinach lasagne. Very tasty indeed. Tony had spaghetti with home-made pesto and Ursula something which looked extremely inviting. During our meal, a young German couple moved to the table next to us. We were occupying the table which everyone likes, as there is an uninterrupted view of the gorge and the sea. We got chatting and they turned out to be a great couple who both spoke excellent English. Uli listens to audiobooks in English and is currently enjoying the War of the Worlds by H G Wells. His next book will be Animal Farm. He says he particularly chooses older books. Helli is potty about dogs and has already visited the PAWS dogs at the little dogs’ village near the port. They saw the pictures of my dogs at the recent PAWS flea market. Their lifestyle precludes a dog although Helli would really like one, however, her parents’ dog died a couple of years back but was not replaced. She is thinking that perhaps it is time for them to have another dog and it would also give her the opportunity to be a surrogate parent. They wish to see Grammeno camping so will probably come to see the camping and the dogs at the same time. This time they are staying at Paleochora camping which is why they were eating at Anydri
I have just put the Small Dogs to bed and checked on Dave. Mickey was wandering around outside and joined Fido, Luis and Obi when we had tea on the beach. Obi didn’t come back after the second walk so spent most of the day lurking around the camping between Ursula and Tony who had Heidi and Oskar, and other punters. Luis and Fido rushed the gate when I got back from Anydri and went off in search of Obi who had been missing all day. I found the four of them, including Mickey, charging around the camping. I recaptured Luis and Fido and then Obi before going off to help Ursula look for suitable stones for her pebble art. Then we had tea on the loungers on the beach watching the sun set, with all the dogs digging and generally fooling about.
I’m going to take my cold to bed with another mug of Lemsip which is my preferred cold remedy.

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