Crazy day!

Ulli and Helli arrived at the camping bearing lots of dog treats. They went in with them and we spent a while chatting. We then took all the Small Dogs for a walk on the promontory and Ulli and I climbed up the Big Rock in the middle. Boys will be boys. We came back to the camping for a drink with Tony and Ursula before going up to Houmas for a meal. I walked back and Ursula and Tony took them back to Paleochora and collected their laundry at the same time.

Ulli is not really a dog person but he eventually plucked up the courage to come into the ‘Puppy’ compound. I think they both enjoyed their day and learned a lot about dogs into the bargain. Sadly, their lifestyle doesn’t suit dog ownership however they know people in Berlin who might be interested in adopting.
Today I received an email for Michi, who took the first of the puppies when she visited the camping earlier in the year with her partner Chris. Sadly they have now broken up so Michi is back to a life in Austria rather than travelling as before. At least she still has her dog to keep her company and they both seem quite happy together.
I’m still coughing and spluttering but not as much as yesterday. I shall soon retire to my boudoir with only my second dose of Lemsip for today.
I need to put the Small Dogs to bed but I doubt there will be much argument following their extra exertions today.


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