Out to dinner

As it happens, I received a text from yet more Krauts inviting me to a meal with this at 19:00 today. I went to see them earlier so that they could judge for themselves the level of my snottiness giving them the opportunity to retract their generous invitation. They said they would accept me germs and all then proceeded to inform me that we would be eating inside where they will be in the perfect environment to gather up every acough and sputter.

Oskar and Heidi were with Tony and Ursula when Ulrich and Ute appeared with their dog Rose. Oskar and Heidi started barking at them through the fence onto the beach so I decided to take them for a walk with Rose to see if I can make more progress with their fearfulness. Certainly, as they are, it would be virtually impossible for me to find anyone to adopt them.
Things went quite well and they settled down eventually, aided and abetted by Mickey, the dog from the camping. They all appeared to be playing nicely together chasing after the ball and the hunk of wood found on the beach.
Boris was having his ball thrown by another German couple from Berlin who we met on the beach whilst out for the second walk. They are staying at the camping for three nights as they are at the end of their holiday in Kreta.
This bloody cold is driving me potty so I shall be very glad when it goes away. Three days now…


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