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Aberfan: The mistake that cost a village its children – @bbcwalesnews –


I remember the Aberfan disaster but, being eleven, I didn’t really understand all the implications of how badly the aftermath was dealt with by the government and the NCB.

The entire mining process, the waste and personal suffering of everyone involved, seems so privative when compared to modern practices. Today, you can’t even stand on a ladder without a bevy of safety experts and a plethora of equipment.

It’s now 06:00 and quite dark outside still. Obi is gearing up for my wake-up call, so I’ll soon be taking the dogs out for their morning gallop over the promontory.

Next Sunday morning, the clocks go back, however the dogs are not interested in the time, but the the amount of light outside, so I doubt I’m going to get a lie-in.


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