Washing done

It seemed like a nice day so I decided to get the washing out of the way as there was a bit of a breeze. The dogs were snoozing in the sun as I washed all my stuff and hung it out to dry. It is nearly dry now but I’ll leave it out all night just to be sure and I can’t really be bothered to bring it in anyway.

I did a few server updates and then went down to see how Tony was getting on with Heidi and Oskar. I’d heard a few squeaks and some barking earlier. They were quietly sitting under the juniper trees watching the world go by but were still quite happy to see me. We talked about where we might go out for lunch then I took the dogs back and got a shower. As it turned out, we ended up in Anydri again as the choices are now becoming fewer as the tourist season starts to come to an end. We noticed a couple of bars which had closed down for the winter with notices in the windows saying see you all next year.
Lunch at Anydri was as good as ever accompanied by a series of the local moggies which spend the bulk of their time snoozing in the sun or amusing the diners. I have photos which I will upload.
Back at Grammeno I fed the dogs just as it was starting to get dark after making up some cuscus laying around in the cupboard. Cuscus and meat seems like a nice combination for dogs it would appear.
Ursula came for a chat as she is flying back to UK to see her daughter before her operation on Thursday. Tony will, therefore, be alone and possibly in need of some company. I am hitching a lift with them, on the way to the airport, to take Dave and Luis into the vet. Dave needs more meds and a progress checkup and Luis needs something to stop him from licking all the fur from his back. This situation has been on and off for a while however the usual treatment of putting him in sea water every day no longer seems effective, hence the trip to the vet. Obi seems to have a problem with weepy eyes so I might take the opportunity of getting him to the vet on Wednesday when Ursula comes back.
I have not had any medication all day, have quite a cough still, but the runny nose has almost gone. Maybe I will survive after all…
We’re leaving at 08:30 tomorrow so I shall be out at 06:00 for the first walk to be back to feed them all and take Boris before we go. I’m not going to be late to bed…


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