Chania and the vet

This time it was Dave and Luis going to the vet. Ursula drove us to the vet and then went on to the airport for her plane to UK. Tony picked me up from the vet after a short wait and we went back to Grammeno. Dave and Luis were delighted to be back as they had nothing to eat since the previous day.

Dave is making steady progress however he needs to drink more. His kidney function is improving from the initial blood tests but he still has some way to go. I now have sufficient meds to last me for over a month. This time we didn’t mess with small quantities of Lasix, I have a complete bottle. I have 100 hypodermic needles and another 30 days worth of heart pills. Hopefully I will not need to go back to the vet for three whole weeks! I’m definitely glad I’m not paying UK vet prices as it would be costing me an arm and a leg. Today’s consultation was £18 and all the drugs and flea treatment for ten dogs came to £80. I hate to think what all this would have cost me in UK.
Luis has a skin allergy which is causing him to lick off his fur on his back. I have medication for that too as well as some anti flea topical treatment to kill off the eggs as well as the fleas. This is causing him to have the allergic reaction. Hopefully he will feel better in a couple of days.
All the dogs were nice and quiet when I got back and I spent the afternoon getting on with some outstanding IT jobs.
The wind has quietened down however it is forecast to be stronger later so I suspect we will be in for an interesting night.


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