A little breezy

It was windy in the night. The highest speed was 77km/h Bft 9 or 21.4m/s if you prefer. My awning and tent survived, however, did not enjoy the event. Some modifications will be required in order to make things easier. The plan for an external blind to protect the eastern end of the awning needs revisiting, if only to spill the wind over the top of the awning and tent. The only damage was a small hole in the awning fabric where it was creased over a metal edge and a broken rubber attachment. It was the fastest wind I have recorded on my weather station.

I had a couple of visits from Tony who needed to borrow a broom to sweep sand out of his tent. He came in the morning to see if I’d survived the night ok. He said it was very windy down on the beach where his tent is. The wind was blowing from the south, east and west so he would have felt the full force from the south. He reclaimed various items blown about the camping. My fence catches anything which blows away in my area.

I spent most of the day finishing off the installation of my new server and taking the old one to pieces to clean it. The old server still works, just that it’s now quite old and likely to fail soon losing all my data. The new server is also a lot faster.

Ursula has been running around checking their house, post and taxing Tony’s car. Normally this can be done online but you need the number from the form which comes through the post in order to do it.

As I write, there is a small crescent of moon hanging in the sky. I woke up because of the wind flapping the tent so decided to check it was all ok. The length of rope used to tie the eastern support arm to the Adonis indestructible awning bracket is still in position, preventing the arm from sliding along the rail inside of the awning case. Hardly elegant, but this is Greece!

My cold is still with me and I’m coughing a bit but nothing like on Monday and the weekend. I’m also more motivated to do things hence all the server installation. In a couple of days, I think it will be all over.

Soon time to get up to walk the dogs…


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