At last, the wind has [almost] stopped!

It has been windy all day and there’s still a bit from time to time but it’s calmed down considerably. The highest wind yesterday was 77km/h (48mp/h).

It has been sunny and warm with a high of 25.9C which is good for the time of year. Rain is forecast for Friday night but not a lot. I’m hoping it will stay dry for Tony and Ursula who have booked their return ferry from Souda for 5 November and from Patras on 7 November. They have to be back in UK by 12th for some appointments.
Ursula has got back from UK and had to wait a little at the airport for Toney as the plane actually landed ten minutes early! She has given me my new phone so I am now waiting for it to be activated before I can use it to make calls. The phone has a large screen compared to the old one so at least I should be able to see the writing better when I’m not wearing my glasses.
I’ve been doing a few computer jobs today as I feel a little more motivated now that my cold is getting better.
Poor Millie spent much of the day inside her cage as I clean forgot to let her out after I fed her this morning. She didn’t make a sound so I forgot all about her. Poor Millie!
I think Tony and Ursula are planning to go out to Paleochora this evening but I am going to stay here as I can’t be bothered to go out. For a start it’s not very warm as the winter evenings are now very much upon us.


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