Or as Arnold Schwarzenegger might have said:

“I’ll be back!”

We’ve not long returned from a meal at the local restaurant which was as good as ever.

The German family, whose young son was bitten on the bottom by a random dog on the beach last year, came earlier to say hello. They are at Elafonissi today but coming to walk the Small Dogs tomorrow. The boy has not rid himself of his fear of dogs however I explained that Oskar was far more frightened of him.

It’s grey and cloudy now but was sunny earlier with a high of 28C. There may be some rain later or tomorrow. The season, like the weather, is winding down although they said at Houmas, where we ate, that they’d been surprisingly busy so may remain open until after the weekend. The clocks going back is really the final blow as it starts to get dark so much earlier.

Ursula commented that Paleochora was a bit of a ghost town last night.

Going to feed all the dogs now.


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