Plenty of activity today as a very strong wind with lots of rain is forecast for tomorrow. I have taken down my awning and tent as the forecast is for winds gusting to Storm Force 10 and Hurricane!

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, it will indicate that all of the telephone lines have been blown down as well as the electricity. After long spells of hot weather and no rain, there are often problems with the electricity anyway as water gets into the circuits.
It has been very nice today so I took Dave with Oskar and Heidi for a paddle in the sea opposite the camping this afternoon. I managed to drag Ursula out for an evening walk with the dogs after our splendid meal at Anydri. Today the restaurant closes until next year. Many restaurants and bars have already closed for the winter.
The German family with the little boy who was bitten on the bottom, left today to stay overnight with their Greek friends in Chania before taking the ferry to Piraeus and then to the airport. They are flying to Berlin and then home. They are already making plans to return next year.
I can hear rain on the van roof so it has already begun…


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