Hospital checkup

Antonis took me over the mountains early this morning for my hospital check up. I had to be there at 08:00 so we left at 06:30 to be sure of being on time.

I woke up early so had already walked and fed the dogs and left Ursula in charge. I took down the awning and tent yesterday to protect it from the strong winds. So far there are gusts to 83km/h (50mph).

There was very heavy rain as we crossed the mountains with rocks strewn over the roads. There were boulders on the main road to Chania. It is still raining so it looks like the rotten weather will be here for the rest of the day.

So far I’ve had blood tests an ECG and a chest X-ray and everyone says I appear to be healthy. Certainly, they are being very thorough. Just waiting for the results.

The wind at Grammeno has started to calm and there was even some sunshine at one point. Hopefully, it will clear up by tomorrow and it will be sunny and warm. Ursula and Tony plan to pack up on Wednesday or Thursday as they have booked their ferries and don’t wish to be travelling with a wet tent. They are going to visit Tony’s sister in Athens on their way back to Patras.

Looks like the rain has stopped. All the dogs are in bed and glad to have blankets as the temperature has dropped due to the rain and the northerly wind.


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