Little did I know

After our phone conversation, I went on another walk. This time around the entire perimeter of the hospital in search of the hospital dogs. I eventually found them sleeping in the long grass in the sun. Following that marathon walk I came back to quickly pester the staff at the nurses’ station near my room. Unfortunately, they now know I can speak a little Greek so speak much less English. I showed the dog photos to the guy opposite me. He speaks no English so I simply blundered away in Greek. Dogs are one of the topics I can talk about in Greek as I’ve learned a fair amount of vocabulary.

Later Fanis arrived and proposed we go out in his car. We told the staff we were going downstairs to the cafĂ© but then went to the Old Town for a lovely walk around the harbour. It was a long way so I now feel quite tired. It’s a good thing, as I had to push myself a bit, making my recovery quicker. Tomorrow I’ll probably feel like I’ve been kicked by a horse but I’ll be self-medicating anyway.

It might not be long until I fall asleep but I need to take my 22:00 meds so need to stay awake a little longer. At least I won’t have someone waking me at 00:00 to put on a drip.

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